Portugal is an increasingly popular destination for expats due to its many attractive features. This European country has a lot to offer, making it a great place to live. Here are a few reasons why you might consider moving to Portugal.

Pleasant and Warm Climate

One of the main reasons to consider living in Portugal is its mild climate. Portugal has warmer temperatures than many other European countries, particularly in the south where it can reach 20°C in the winter. This makes it an appealing place to live for those who prefer milder weather.

The 3rd Safest Country in the World

According to the Global Peace Index (GPI), in the report published in 2020, Portugal was ranked as the 3rd safest country in the world! In Europe, it is in 2nd place, losing only to Iceland! Being able to have the tranquility of living in a safe place is definitely one of the main reasons to live in Portugal.

The Perfect Balance between Urban City Life and Contact with Nature
With many natural things to offer, Portugal is a country that has the perfect balance between city life and nature! Being able to live in urban centers, such as Lisbon and Porto, brings many advantages, such as having greater access to public transport, the health system, education, etc. However, nature is always just around the corner, with beautiful untouched places to visit and enjoy.
Amazing Dishes
According to Forbes magazine, Portugal was considered one of the 9 best gastronomic destinations in Europe, and the magazine chose the Douro Region, in the north of the country, as a place that offers a unique experience for lovers of Portuguese cuisine.
Great Public Health System
Still on the list of reasons to live in Portugal that should be taken into account is health. The health system in Portugal is of high quality and manages to serve its population well, including expats and international students.
Ever-present Culture
Portugal is a country with a rich history and a wealth of cultural experiences to offer. Each region has its own unique characteristics, but all are known for their music, festivals, food, wine, and distinctive architecture. Overall, the culture of Portugal is diverse and engaging.
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