Work with us

Have you ever thought of working as a freelance recruiter?

Either because you want to be schedule-free and work at your own pace or because you want to add an extra income to your current salary?

At Real Recruitment Solutions we partner with freelance recruiters of all kinds of areas of expertise in order to deliver a more effective response to our clients’ needs.

How does it work?

We constantly get different kinds of requirements from our clients. We make sure to get all the details from the hiring managers and pass them on to our partner recruiters. You will help us find these candidates through whatever method you find more suitable, send us their CVs after screening them over a phone or a skype call and we will introduce them to our clients. In case of a successful placement, you will get paid a commission. There is no fixed commission fee as every placement has a different amount to be charged to each client. You will get a percentage of the charged fee.

Location free?

Absolutely. You can be based anywhere in the world. We will have a weekly review call to check the status on the vacancies you are working and that’s the only scheduled meeting you will have from our side per week.

Working hours?

Like with any other project, the more effort you put into it, the more profit you will have. If you decide to work with us 8 hours per day, you can be sure you will make more placements than someone working 2 hours per day. This is entirely up to you and we welcome all sorts of collaboration.

KPIs or targets?

This is a win-win situation for both of us. The more you bill, the more we bill, so we expect commitment from your side, and you can expect from ours. We expect to receive applications from you on a constant basis.There are roles for which it’s much easier to find candidates than others and we are well aware of that. Depending on the level of the vacancy the number of expected CV is also going to be different. This is the only way to check who is motivated to thrive in this business or not. We must separate the best from the not so good somehow.

Are you new to recruitment?

We are more than happy to hear from you. This is not rocket science and we will guide through your first steps to make sure you succeed. We will teach you about different sourcing methods, how to approach passive candidates, how to make sure they are a good fit for the job, and so on. Being new to this industry might actually be an added advantage as you will automatically think outside of the box and will find candidates where experienced recruiters don’t. Anything you need, we are always one phone/skype call away.

What to expect from us?

We handle the client. All communications with the client will be made by us. We will chase for feedback on your candidates, try to push for interviews and keep you on the loop all the way. We can create and email account for you with our company name (name @ We are always available on Skype or phone for any questions you might have and will help you with all we can. Remember we have a common goal.

What do we expect from you?

Commitment and consistency. You cannot expect to send 1 CV and get a placement straight away. It can happen, sure, but it won’t happen most of the times. The only way to keep your revenue coming is to consistently work on finding the best candidates for each role. You will also have to be available for any queries at any time during our client’s business hours and respond promptly when something urgent is needed.

How to apply for the freelance recruitment role with us?

Send us an email to expressing your will to work with us and one of our consultants will call you to book a Skype call during which all your doubts can be enlightened and questions answered.